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Today I only had to work until 12:00. We had some thunderstorms this morning and I really did not feel like going out in it. But I did and now I am home. I have started making one of my dishes for Thanksgiving day. I have also cleaned my guest room for my cousin and her husband. The girls have been “supposedly” cleaning their rooms and play room since I got home from work! Amazing how it takes so long. I think there is more playing going on than cleaning. I am really just wanting to sit on the couch tonight and watch tv or work my suduko puzzle.

Happy Eating and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Today I want to talk about something that has been plaguing me for a while. It is something that I feel I am too young to be experiencing. Perimenopause, in other words, symptoms of menopause before the actual “menoapuse”. What is so comforting, is the fact that this can last 7 to 10 years before you actually go through “menopause”. I am only 42 years old. Doesn’t this see awfully young? Since I turned 40 I have been having all of these little symptoms that keep adding up. I have trouble sleeping, headaches, crabby moods, irregular or missed cycles and night sweats. Those are the worst. The past 2 nights I have not taken my Lunesta to sleep as I am really wanting to get off of them. Saturday night I woke up about every hour because I was sweating profusely. The back of my neck and my chest were soaking wet. I would throw back the covers to only minutes later pull them back up because I was cold. This was very annoying because I feel like I could have had a decent night sleep if it weren’t for that. My GYN is prescribing me a low dose birth control pill just to level out my hormones. It will take about 4-6 months to level out. I hope this works because my family is going to kill me if I don’t change the attitude.

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