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Snakes Away

Note:  This post has been sitting in my drafts for several months.  I thought I would post it today as I ponder my New Years post. 
I live in a neighborhood that is on a lake. When construction is being done snakes find their way to our house. We have lived in the house for 2 1/2 years and we saw several snakes that first summer. We have not seen any in a while. Recently my husband and girls were outside playing and it was about dusk. Hurricane A decided that she needed to run around to the garage to get something. All of a sudden we hear this blood curdling yell. We all run out to see her and she is jumping up and down and screaming and pointing. We look to where she is pointing and there lays a big, fat and loooong snake! The snake starts moving and me and the girls go ballistic. We are alike that way. Calm, cool and collected. We run inside and leave my husband to take care of it. My husband just stands there and watches it. From the inside window I yell to him to get it! He is like “what do you want me to do?” I said, “I don’t know, just get rid of it!” I then decide that I need to be calm for the girls. My girls are scaredy cats and probably would not sleep that night if we act scared. So, being the big girl that I am, I tell the girls to stay inside while I go out and help Daddy. *inhale* I walk outside and the snake is moving like lightening. He has now moved from our garage all the way around the house and has appeared on my back patio. My first thought is that he is going to squeeze up and get into my house. My husband and I stare at him while he curls up and props himself up on my window ledge. “We have to get him” I say and my husband says “I’m thinking.” So, we stare awhile and ponder the situation, because we’re smart that way. “I know!” I said. “Let’s call the fire department.” The fire department is literally almost in our back yard. I can look over the fence and down a little and see it. SoGent says “They won’t come for a snake!” I said “Sure they will, I will just go over there and ask them.” So, I told him to watch the snake and don’t take his eye off of it. I go inside to get my keys and Hurricane A is standing inside the Living Room watching us. The snake, like I said is sitting on the window ledge and seems to be looking through the window right at Hurricane A. She is freaking out. “Mooommaa! He is looking right at me!” “Honey, he can’t get you.” She is so calm, that one.  So, I get in my car and head around the corner to the Fire Department.  One of the guys is outside.  I told him that we needed his help.  He gives me this serious look and says “What can we do for you Ma’am?”  I told him that we have a huge snake on our back patio and we needed their help to get rid of it.  He just looks at me and says “A snake?”  I told him yes and that my girls were scared to death and would not sleep tonight if they knew that it was still around.  He told me that he would get a couple of guys together and they would come around and see what they could do.  So I drive home and wait out front for them.  The next thing I know here comes the big fire truck (I don’t know what I was expecting, but not the BIG truck).  I flag them down and notice that there isn’t just 1 or 2 guys but 4 guys coming to tackle this snake.  They hop out and grab there shovel and flashlight and ask where they need to go.  I point them to the back of the house and we find SoGent in the exact same spot with his eye on the snake who has apparently made himself at home.  My husband is pretty embarrassed that I called the fire department to come get this snake.  I was certain that HE wouldn’t get it so what is a woman to do?  One of the firemen actually likes snakes so he was nominated to get it.  They cornered him but he was trying to get away.  Like lightening I was off the ground and standing on the patio table.  They finally caught him while my girls look on from the inside.  They were getting ready to kill it with the shovel and thought better of it while my girls are watching.  So, they took it back out to their truck and went around on the other side while I stood in the driveway.  My husband went around with the firemen.  The next thing I knew I heard the shovel make a hard contact with the concrete!  I was shuddering in my shoes at the thought.  It still makes me shiver to think about it.  Next they scoop him up and are deciding where to dump it.  I suggest the lake but the fireman decides to dump it across the street where they are building a house.  He finds a spot and dumps it.  His comment was that the Mexicans could use it for a yummy burrito tomorrow for lunch.  YUCK!!!
By this time we had a couple of neighbors looking out their windows to see what is going on.  SoGent is totally embarrassed and afraid the neighbors will think he is a wuss.  So be it.  I was not embarrassed at all.  One snake gone and out of this world, no matter who kills it is fine with me.

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Orthodontist Bound

Today me and the girls had dentist appointments.  All I can say is “Orthodontist, here we come.”  Drama Queen is 12 and still has not lost all of her baby teeth.  The teeth that have come in have either not come all the way in or they have come in behind other teeth.  In other words she is a Orthodontists dream.  The dentist told me today that we probably need to consider getting her braces in the next 3 – 6 months.  Even though all her adult teeth have not come in he suggested that we go ahead with braces because between the ages of 10 and 14 your gums develop a memory of where your teeth are and the more memory they store up the better chances of her teeth going back after the braces are off.  So, he suggested braces for about 2 years and hopefully her other baby teeth will come out during this time.  What I find strange about teens and braces these days as compared to when I had them, is that I remember not wanting to smile or anything that would show my mouth of silver and rubber bands attaching my top and bottom teeth .  The teens these days have the choice of the silver braces or ceramic ones that are not as noticeable.  Hello! Ceramic would be the obvious choice for me but no, teens these days think it is a fashionable thing to have silver braces WITH COLORED RUBBER BANDS!  I can’t imagine but times have changed.  Hey, the one good thing is that the silver braces are cheaper.

Hurricane A needs a apparatus made for the roof of her mouth to help correct a cross-bite that she has.  We need to have that done within the next 3 months.  In addition we need to have sealants put on her back teeth to discourage cavities.  Drama Queen has already had that done and it seems to have helped.  The dentist said we need to have that done within the month because there is one tooth that he is pretty sure will have a cavity in 6 months otherwise.

Me, no problems!  Yay me!

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Stylin’ for the New Year

I have always tried to be stylish and “with it” in my clothes.  However it does not come easy to me.  I always notice cute things on other people but when it came time to create a similar look for myself, I always fell short.  I’m not saying that I look frumpy (at least I hope not) but I feel like I sometimes need someone to tell me what looks good on me.  With the new year approaching and clothes marked down during after Christmas sales, I thought I would share some things today that have been really helpful to me and maybe they will be helpful to you also.

I love to watch What Not to Wear on TLC.  I learn a lot  from Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.  They are brutally honest with these poor people but give a lot of tips that I try to remember when shopping.

My favorite guide is my subscription to Missussmartypants.com. This website helps you out from the very beginning. She helps you to create a basic wardrobe and how to purge your closet of things that you don’t love, don’t look good on you or are outdated.  You can subscribe to her website for a very reasonable fee and she sends you weekly e-mails.  She helps you to determine your body profile and then these weekly e-mails are specifically designed for you and your body type.  For instance, my body type is “Cute Curves” (I wish my curves were really cute!) which means that I am smaller on top with larger hips and thighs.  The e-mail from Missus Smarty Pants tells me what type clothing to look for in my particular body type from Tops, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets. Not only that, but she shows you pictures of the type clothing that works best for you.  The pictures are attached to a link that you can click on and go to the website where that item is sold.  I really like having the visual.  I have bought a couple of things this way and I have not been disappointed yet.I encourage you to check out the website and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have.  With the After Christmas sales going on right now, it is a good time to stock up on your basics like camis, t-shirts etc.  I decided to write this post after reading about wwwkerflop.com shopping trip lately.  She is tall and has long arms and admits having a hard time finding clothes to fit her.  I know Missus Smarty Pants could help her. 

Happy shopping.  I am off to purge my closet for the new year and see what I need to buy.

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Christmas Goof-ups

Bulleted list of Christmas goof-ups this year.

1.  Drama Queen opens a gift that throws me for a loop.  The tag said it was from Mom and Dad.  I knew for a fact I had bought that shirt for her Aunt in Alabama to give her.  So, that means that the gift that she was to open Christmas night ‘from her Aunt” was actually from Mom and Dad.  Yep, where was my mind.

2.  My mother always seems to give the kids some underwear or other unmentionables at Christmas.  This year my 7 year old nephew was opening a gift from Nana and Dada (grandparents).  He opens it and pulls out a pack of Princess panties.  He looks at them kind of weird and says ” UHHH, not mine!” and throws them back in the box.  It was hilarious.  My mother could not believe that she would mistag a gift like that.  After searching the tag to see what she had written on it she realized that indeed she had made a mistake.

3.  My parents are known to the kids as Nana and Dada.  That is how she usually signs the tags to the grandchildren.  One of the tags addressed to my nephew was signed Love Nana and Buddy!  HELLO! Since when do the grandkids call you by your first name?

4.  My sister opened a gift (from my mother again…see a common denominator here?) and it was a little Totes umbrella that fits in your purse.  She looked at it with this look that said “Gee thanks, an umbrella.”  (FYI, we usually pick out a lot of our own gifts with the exception of a few surprises)  I asked her if she had wanted an umbrella too.  She said that not really because she had one.  I looked at my mother and said “I was the one that wanted an umbrella”  She said ‘Oh. I thought it was your sister that I was with that said they wanted one.” I say “Uh no, that would be me. Is this supposed to be my gift?”  She said “No, I bought that with her in mind.”  So, guess who still doesn’t have an umbrella.  I guess I will have to wait.  Hope it doesn’t rain.

Even with these mishaps we had a nice Christmas.  I think we all need to be taking some memory pills or something.

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This meme is for 6 guilty pleasures. Hmmm…….

1.  I love to read but once I get started in a book, NOTHING else gets done.  That’s why I try to limit how often I read.  My family suffers.

2.  I am addicted to Suduko.  Again nothing gets done so I have to limit this one to only at bedtime.

3.  Alone time.  This truly is a guilty pleasure because my husband makes me feel guilty when I want to close myself up in the bedroom and read, do suduko, watch TV etc ALONE. 

4.  Chocolate…enough said!

5.  Pajama pants from Old Navy.  The winter ones that are real soft.  I would wear those all day every day if I could get away with it.  I look forward to winter just so I can wear them.

6.  Can you believe that I can’t think of another one?

I don’t like to tag people with meme’s but please feel free to do this one if you like. 

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Merry Christmas from the SouthernBelle family.


P.S.  I think I need to play around a little more on posting pictures.

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Christmas Engagement

Our family is going through a wedding phase and I couldn’t be happier.  My cousin Mark just called and announced his engagement to Kate.  He proposed to her last night.  Kate is a very sweet girl and I know she will fit in our family perfectly.  Mark’s sister, Lisa got married this past summer.  It was a beautiful wedding and now I can look forward to another one.

 There are four grandchildren in our family and Mark is the last one to get married.  Next we will be starting the Great-Grandchildren of which my daughter is the oldest.  I am not quite ready for that one yet.  I think for now I will just sit back and enjoy Mark and Kate’s wedding.

Congratulations Mark and Kate!

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