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Fat and Happy


This picture was taken on my birthday, May 22.  It was 1995 and I was 2 weeks away from delivering my first child.  If you click on the picture you might possibly get to see a larger picture.  Notice how swollen I am.  I was borderline toxemic and was taken off work about 3 weeks early so I could stay off my feet.  My legs and ankles were so swollen that you could not even see my ankles.  Shortly after this picture was taken my feet got so swollen that I could not even get shoes on my feet!  The only shoes I could wear was a pair of my mothers really old flip flop type sandals because the straps did not go very far up on your foot.  It was real attractive.  I used to have to go down to the local Walgreen’s twice a day and take my blood pressure. If it ever got to 140/90 then I had to go immediately to the doctor.  Luckily it never got there.  My bottom number got to 89 several times but never 90.

This pregnancy was very text book and the delivery went very well.  I started my contractions about 8:00 pm on June 8 and went to the hospital around 10:30 or so.  I got my epidural and rested during the night and started pushing about 8:30 the next morning.  She was born at 10:00am on June 9, 1995.  She is my Drama Queen.


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Funky 80’s Do


What can I say about this picture other than “what was I thinking!”  I can’t believe I am posting this.  This was taken either in the late 80″s or early 90’s.  It was taken in our first house and as you can see it was decorated in the 80’s blue and mauve.  I was wearing a watermelon shirt with matching watermelon earrings.  Remember when that was in, the sponge painted shirts?  You could find them everywhere at the craft shows or flea markets.  And the hair…OMG.  Perm city and frizzy.  Can you believe we ever thought that looked good?  It took my hairdresser a very, very long time to convince me to stop getting perms and boy, now I look back and think how come I never got what she was trying to tell me!  OUT OF STYLE!!

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Walk Down Memory Lane


I thought I would do a little series of pictures from my childhood and tell a story with it.  Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get this picture any bigger unless it fills the whole screen. If you use WordPress (without your own domain)and can tell me how to do it, I would appreciate it.

This picture was taken in 1983 in Panama City Beach, FL. This was our family vacation that we took every summer.  We were beach bums.  I had just graduated from high school so this was a big summer for me. If I remember correctly this was the summer that I had Mono.  I had to get special permission from the doctor to go to the beach. Apparently when you have Mono you have to stay out of the sun. He allowed me to go but I could only stay in the sun a little every day. The first day I could stay out for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Each day I could increase a little more. It was not fun sitting in your condo on the balcony watching your family riding the waves and swimming. What made it worse was the fact that my sister and I met two really cute guys that summer. She got to hang out with them more than I did.  At that age, I didn’t take too well to that.

Check back tomorrow to see what picture I come up with.

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I’m sorry I have not posted this weekend. It has been a very busy couple of days.  Hurricane A’s basketball game was cancelled Saturday morning because of the weather.  IT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING FOLKS!  It was cold and wet and a few icy patches but that was about it.  Actually, it was a blessing in disguise that it got cancelled.  Drama Queen woke up sick.  SouthernGent was to take both of them to the basketball game while I went to get my way past overdue hair colored.  This way they were all able to stay home and out of the cold. The girl that was doing my hair was running late so it was near 2:00 when I finished.  I had to be at Drama rehearsal at 3:00 until 6:00.  So, I ran through the drive thru at Chick-fil-a and went on to drama.  While I was at practice Drama Queen called and said she was running a fever.  At 5:30 Hurricane A was to go to a birthday party.  SouthernGent took her and I picked her up at 7:30.  SouthernGent was supposed to go the Grizzlies Game but decided to stay home. 

Then on Sunday Hurricane A and I went to church and SouthernGent stayed home again with Drama Queen. I know, you are probably thinking what an amazing husband I have to stay home 2 days in a row with a sick child.  Just wait, it gets better.  I went to church because I was supposed to work in the nursery the first hour and we were both supposed to work the Welcome Center the next hour.  I worked that by myself.  After church I ran by Taco Bell and got lunch and went home to change clothes.  I had to be back at church at 2:00 for Drama Rehearsal.  Our performance was during the 6:00 service.  Unfortunately, SouthernGent and Drama Queen were unable to go.  I got home about 7:45.  Another busy day.  I developed a major tension headache during the performance so I went to bed when I got home.

Monday, SouthernGent stayed home AGAIN with Drama Queen!  I KNOW!!!!  He has a meeting at work on Tuesday so he said he better stay home Monday so I could stay home Tuesday if needed.  Her fever has been low grade most of the day so I think I will keep her home tomorrow just to make sure and send her back on Wednesday.  She is supposed to do a Creative Movement performance at church Wednesday night and her director said they could not do it without her (no pressure).  I think she will be okay.

So, I am glad I will be home tomorrow.  I can rest from the weekend.

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Ice, Ice Baby

They are predicting 40% chance of freezing rain and sleet.  Misting rain right now. I better run to the store for bread and milk.  We might have the Ice Storm of 2008! Yes, this is what southerners do.

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Weight Loss Update

Well,   drumroll please…….I gained a pound!  Bummer.  The scales were not nice to me today.  However I haven’t been as faithful to the program this week as I was the last couple.  I can do real well for breakfast as I always eat a Fiber One Oat and Chocolate granola bar.  That is only 2 points. I do fair for lunch.  This week I have been bringing a ham tortilla and Baked Lays for lunch. That is pretty good but in the afternoon I start craving something to eat.  I have a drawer full of 2 point snacks, but my problem is I have several 2 point snacks!  Well, today I was tired of eating that all week and went to O’charley’s and had chicken fingers and fries. I know!  BAD!!!  I already told my husband that I was not going to eat dinner tonight to try and combat my badness.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will try again.

Nothing else exciting going on.  I have drama rehearsal again tonight.  I was asked to be on the Personnel committee at church.  I accepted that position last night.  SoGent has been asked to be head usher which he is considering. That’s it in a nutshell. 

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No Siesta

I. am. so. sleepy.  Holding my eyelids open with paperclips.

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