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Not much going on around here right now but I am going to post anyway.

Last night we tried something new for dinner.  We had Tilapia fish and some shrimp that we cooked on the grill.  It turned out well and we will definitely try it again.  We marinated the fish in Dale’s Seasoning and sprinkled the shrimp with Cajun Seasoning.  We served it with rice.  Very tasty.  This morning I stepped on the scale and lost 3 pounds from yesterday.  I told SoGent that we need to have fish every night. His response was “Tonight we will have it in the form of spaghetti.”

Shortly after dinner Drama Queen received a call asking her to babysit  for a couple that lives around the corner.  They have 2 girls and the oldest one was in Hurricane A’s class at school.  The youngest from what I understand is a whirlwind.  DQ has only babysat for 2 other couples and they were both younger kids.  This was her first experience with older children. She got her firsthand taste of children not listening.  She faired well though.  The mother actually called me this morning to say what a good job Drama Queen did and would I mind if she used her again sometime.  I said of course not but it remains to be seen if DQ will want to.

The house was quite with the kids gone.  Since my house was cleaned yesterday by me “cleaning lady” I didn’t have much to do.  SoGent and I sat down and he watched TV while I played solitaire on my laptop.  Exciting I say.  At about 9:00 we retired to our room to watch more TV while getting more comfortable.  We are currently watching King of Queens on DVD.  We started Season 8 last night.  The first episode was hilarious.  I laughed so hard I was crying.  The girls arrived home about this time.  We sent them upstairs so we could go to sleep.  Again, it was so exciting.  Wish you could have been there.


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Traditionally April 1 has been know as April Fool’s day.  It is a day that when you were younger you couldn’t wait to pull pranks on teachers, friends and family members alike.  Although I can not remember any specific pranks (I have slept since then) I know I was part of some growing up.

Now, I have kids those same ages who just love April Fools day and are always dreaming up pranks to pull on their friends.  I remember last year Drama Queen telling all her friends that her dad was being transferred out of town and we would soon be moving.  I was sworn to not give it away and go along with the joke.  Well, anyone that knows me knows that I never want to move out of town so this was a major thing for me to agree with.  Her friends were so upset and were calling the house to ask her Dad and if it was true.  It was a good prank and most people fell for it.

Also last year Drama Queen got me good.  One Sunday afternoon SouthernGent was taking the girls out somewhere as I had a meeting at church to go to.  They had just left the house and I was picking up the kitchen before I had to leave.  I was turning on the faucet to rinse some dirty dishes and when I did I got SPRAYED by the hose.  I screamed and jumped back and stunned so that it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening and get enough sense about me to turn the water off.  By that time I was soaked.  She had placed a rubber band on the hose to hold the handle down so that when you turned on the water it automatically came out of the hose.  I then started laughing and picked up the phone to call them on the cell phone.  Of course they played dumb and tried to act like they had no idea what I was talking about.  I then had to quickly go and change my clothes before I could leave.

Who taught my children to be so devious?

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I have just little bits and pieces today.

  • Easter is this weekend and I still need to find shoes for the girls.  We have dresses and I took Hurricane A this past weekend to shop for shoes.  We did buy a pair but when we got home I realized they would not look good with her dress.  So I need to take both girls to buy some in the next couple of days.  My problem…where to buy cute shoes.  Hurricane A wears about a 1 but not many places carry children’s shoes.  Especially dress shoes, they are hard to find.  Drama Queen wears about a 3 which I believe is about a 5 in ladies shoes.  The problem there is finding shoes that are suitable for teens but don’t look too grown up.  Where do you find children’s and tweens shoes?
  • Drama Queen has another sinus infection.  She just got back from her Youth retreat and was not any better.  Hubby took her to the doctor and she has an infection.  We are trying a new antibiotic because she is absolutely unbearable when it comes to taking medicine.  First dose was okay, the ones to follow?  Well, we will see.
  • Tomorrow is Good Friday.  I know it will be unbelievable how slow it will be.  So many doctors are probably closing their offices tomorrow.  I hope we get off early as we have in the past.  Do you get Good Friday off?
  • We are still on lock-down here at work.  I have heard more unsettling things about this guy today.  Like when he had shooting practice with his gun, he used his bosses picture.  Deranged, I say!  He called the office this morning to talk with another guy he worked with in the back.  He told him that he had not told his wife that he had been fired and was just out driving around.  That makes me nervous because that is more time for things to go through his mind and make him mad and who knows what he could do.  So far, nothing has happened and I hope it doesn’t.  I am glad that my company has taken steps to protect us all.

That’s it for today.  Happy first day of spring.

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Last Thursday and Friday nights we had thunderstorms that kept you awake.  The kind where your whole room lights up with the lightening and loud booming thunder.  Needless to say we did not get much sleep those nights.  To add to the no sleep, Drama Queen was leaving at 6:30am Saturday morning on a chartered bus to the other end of the state.  Saturday was supposed to be a rainy and stormy all day.  How was a mother in her right mind supposed to let her daughter leave on a bus in that kind of weather?  Well, I guess I am the only mother in her right mind.  I was debating the decision up until minutes before she was supposed to be there.  We called one of her friends who was going and they were already at the church and another one was on her way.  So my husband went ahead and took her and she was the last one to arrive.  Luckily, about an hour after they left the rain quit and it appeared that they were traveling right in the middle of 2 storms.  They made it with no problem.

Now for the very cruel part, Drama Queen is traveling home today and guess what?  We are expecting severe weather, under a flood watch due to inches of rain expected.  The rain has yet to hit but is on it’s way.  She is due in about 7:00 tonight so I hope that she makes it in before it gets too bad.  She just text me and they are half way here.  So, I am crossing my fingers, sending prayers, etc, anything to get my baby here safely.  Will you do the same?

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You know I posted the other day about getting 6 inches of snow?  Well, guess what?  Today is sunny and 72.  It is beautiful and I am so ready for spring next week.  I hope that we are finished with cold days.  I am ready to bring out the sandals, paint the toenails, wear Capri pants and short sleeve shirts.

I am still continuing my work on the Clothing sale this week.  I have been leaving work at 5:00 and going straight to church for the receiving of clothes and not getting home until 9:00.  I am doing that tonight and tomorrow.  The sale is Saturday and I am trying my best not to work that.  So, I am looking forward to this weekend to hopefully rest and get my house cleaned.  It has been so busy that for the last 4 weeks I have not even been able to get my house picked up so the “cleaning lady” can come clean.  We are floating away in dust bunnies.  I just received a call from the vacuum cleaner repair center.  My vacuum cleaner is ready to be picked up so my “cleaning lady” will not throw a fit.


Things that I need to get done real soon:

  • Buy my girls some shoes to wear for Easter
  • Take my new spring pants in for alterations
  • Get Drama Queen packed and ready for her spring break trip this weekend
  • Return a dress I bought on-line that does not fit.
  • Buy something for the girls for Easter
  • Get Drama Queen a “happy” for making a 100 on her recent math test!! Yay

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Have you ever felt that you needed to go back to work to rest from your weekend?  Well, that is me today.  It was so busy that I can’t believe it is already over.  Where was my Sunday afternoon nap?  Who picked up my house?  Who did my laundry? Let me give you a recap of my weekend.  A day in the life of Southern Belle if you will.


7:15 – Awake to check if any additional snow fall overnight.  Streets appear to have already been driven on, so maybe it isn’t so bad.

7:20 – Take shower

8:00 – Wake husband to ask if he thinks I can still take the girls for 9:00 hair appointment.  He thinks not.  Darn, I could have slept longer.

8:05 – Call Christy to cancel and reschedule appointment

8:30 – Put a load of clothes in wash

8:35 – Eat breakfast

8:45 – Pick up kitchen, unload and reload dishwasher

9:00 – Girls get up and want to go play in snow.

10:00 – It appears that snow is already melting and the streets are mainly wet.  Call Christy to see if it is possible to go ahead and come.

10:20 – Leave to get girls haircut

11:00 – Get home and wash Drama Queen’s hair and help her style her new cut.  She is 12 and we got her a more grown up look with side swept bangs and a few layers.

12:15 – Leave to go pick up lunch and go to church for rehearsal for our plays at 4:00 and 7:00 today.

12:30 – Arrive at church

2:00 – Start rehearsal

3:00 – Hair and makeup and dress for performance

4:00 – Performance goes well except that I trip on  “Moses’ staff” on my way onstage.  Luckily no one is able to see me.  I very well could have “broken a leg”!!

5:45 – Backstage for a pizza dinner in between shows

6:45 – Head backstage for our 7:00 performance

7:00 – This performance goes much better all the way around.  Thank goodness because my family is there to see this one as well as our Sunday School class.

8:30 – Performance is over and we stand around talking to everyone

9:00 – Head home and get ready for bed.  I was worn out and we set the clocks ahead.  I was not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. 


7:15 – Wake up

7:20 – Take shower

7:45 – Wake up Southern Gent and Hurricane A.  Drama Queen slept over at a friends house.

8:55 -Leave for church

9:10 – Set up table for tag pick up for our Children’s clothing sale. Work this table.

9:30 – Go to Sunday School

10:30 – Leave class to go work Clothing table again

10:50 – Go in to Worship service

11:45 – Leave to go work Clothing table

12:15 – Supposed to be going to a Youth Lead Team luncheon but too many people picking up tags for me to leave.  Go up to get my boxed lunch and tell them they will have to make plans for the Youth picnic without me.

12:30 – Close up table and put things away

1:00 – Arrive home with Drama Queen and change into Jeans to leave again!

1:15 – Leave to go pick up Hurricane A at a friends house where she went after church

2:00 – Arrive at Putt Putt Golf for a Grizzlies Day party.  Stand in line for Bus to be taken to site for nearly 30 minutes.

2:30 – Stand in line for Go-Karts for about 30 minutes.  Have fun riding and trying to take out Grizzlies players in their Go-Karts.

3:30 – Get free ice cream and head for the bus to leave.  We spent so much time standing in line that we did not get to do much.

4:00 – Arrive back at church for a meeting about Drama Queen’s upcoming Worship Arts Retreat next week.

4:45 – Meeting about Hurricane A’s Kids Kamp this summer

5:45 – Leave Hurricane A at church for GA’s and head home FINALLY

6:00 – Worn out so lay down to REST MY EYES!

6:30 – Start dinner and throw another load of laundry in to wash

7:30 – Do laundry AGAIN

9:00 WENT TO BED!!

I am tired just reading back over this.  I wish I could say that this week was going to be better but unfortunately it will not.  I am going to close this post so I can rest my tired and weary brain.

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New Baby


This picture taken for our walk down memory lane was from July 1995.  This was four weeks after the birth of my first child, Drama Queen.  It seems like this picture was just taken yesterday.  I remember it very well.  This little 6 lb. baby is now almost 13 and we just dropped her off a church for Disciple Now Weekend.  She is gone a lot to functions with her friends, texts her friends all the time or talks to them on the phone.  She has grown up so fast.  She now wears makeup and every once in awhile will admit to thinking that a certain boy is cute.

Where has the time gone?  Do you have any stories of your children and how fast they have grown?  Please share them with me.

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