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Hair Appointment

Yesterday I had an appointment to get my roots colored and get a hair cut. It has just been 4 weeks since my last cut and color but according to my hair stylist (Hair Girl) I apparently had a hair growth spurt. I am leaving Friday for Chicago for a business trip and you know, you have to look your best. Thank you Hair Girl for helping me look my best.

Hair Girl and I reminisced last night about how long we have known each other. We met when we were in 6th grade. That was *ahem* in 1977. Yes, I know, we are old. What makes you feel even older is the fact that we were the first graduating class of our high school. Doesn’t that just sound old? However, we did have certain perks like naming our mascot, picking out the school colors and placing the school sign in the front of the school. Our class picture was framed and placed in the hallway at our school. I wonder if the kids at that school now look back at our picture and think how loooong ago that was and how old we must be. I ask, because I used to do that same thing looking at the class of 1942 at my school as a freshman (at a different school).

Anyhoo, Hair Girl does a terrific job on my hair. Unfortunately I forgot to take an “after” picture. This one is a before. No, Hair Girl, I was not going to post the one with color in my hair for all of the Internet to see. Do you think I am crazy?

If you are ever in my area and looking for a hair stylist, I will give you Hair Girls name.

(Hair Girl leave me a nice comment after you read this.)


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Black Beauty

The Family

Originally uploaded by klyeaa

This picture was taken on Easter. I am posting this because I want you to check out the shiner that SouthernGent is sporting. He has been telling everyone that he got elbowed playing basketball. I am here today to set the story straight. I had listened to his backtalking for too long so I had to just set him straight. I just sayin!

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As you know, I live in the south where we are not accustomed to much snow.  If they predict snow in our area, the stores get bombarded with people stocking up on food and schools close early.  A lot of times when this snow is predicted it is all for naught.  Nothing happens.  Then there are those few times when it all actually happens.  Today was one of those days.  They predicted it today and it is almost blizzard like right now.  We are expected to get 4-6 inches by tomorrow morning.  The kids get so excited they can’t stand it.  However, it is so cold that you can’t get out in it for any length of time.  Right now it is 31 degrees, snowing and wind gusting to 30 mph!!  It is unbearable.  It is very pretty, but my big beef…….?  It is March 7.  Easter is this month and spring starts in 2 weeks.  By this time of the year I am sooo ready for warm weather that I don’t want snow.  It is time for cute spring dresses, short sleeves, the occasional shorts and doing things outside.  It is no fun to wear your cute Easter dress, white shoes and your winter coat!  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

So, pretty as it is, your visit is unwelcome and you are free to leave now.

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Wardrobe basics

There has been a lot of talk lately of your wardrobe basics.  I guess this is because spring is literally around the corner.  Oprah had a show on this recently as well as the usual shows on What not to Wear.  I also subscribe to Missussmartypants where she also lists the top basics every closet should have.  As per the request of Susan at FridayStyle I am listing my basics for my personal style.  I am a 42 year old mother of two who works in an office enviornment.  My wardrobe basically is the basics for my working lifestyle.  I personally need to buy some more casual basics.  My list is as follows:

1.  Cami’s in your basic colors of black, brown, white, red etc.

2.  Kahaki pants

3.  Dress black pants

4.  Dress Brown pants

5.  2 pair of jeans…1 in dark dressy  and another in a casual fabric

6.  Basic jacket or blazer in neutral color to go with most pants

7.  Several lightweight sweaters in various colors for layering

8.  Several short sleeve and long sleeve fitted tee’s in basic colors for layering

9.  Black and Brown trouser boots

10.  Comfortable casual shoes

What are your basics for your wardrobe?

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Search Terms

My stats on this blog reveal that Sinus infections and sinus cocktails are searched a ton.  I have someone reading my blog daily because they came upon it by searching sinus cocktail shots or some other form just from this post.  Sadly, I have gotten more viewers from this than people just wanting to read my blog.  I guess I should be grateful. 

This post  has also gotten alot of readers from google search terms.  This one I will not make any further comments on because it makes me blush profusely.  The things that people search is truly embarrasing.  Also, the fact that a title that I made up gets this kind of unsolicited attention makes me cringe.  Just think dirty and you will see the point I am trying to make.

My readership has declined lately but can you blame it?  I haven’t posted in about a month!  I am having a BAD writer’s block.  I can’t think of anything post worthy.  The book that I received in the mail really has some great ideas but I am having trouble applying it to my life.  I will keep trying I promise.

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No Siesta

I. am. so. sleepy.  Holding my eyelids open with paperclips.

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Random things

Today is just a post of random things so therefore I will fall back on the bullets.

  • Weight Loss update…I have made it to 5 lbs!  Yippee
  • How is it possible that a Grilled Chicken House salad from Zaxbys can be 17 points?  I have eaten that a couple of times thinking it was good for me and low on points.    It consists of lettuce (duh, right) grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots.  There is no cheese, no croutons, nothing fattening.  I use light Vinaigrette dressing.  It supposedly has 650 calories and 53 grams of fat.  That makes absolutely no sense.
  • I am having Drama rehearsal 3 nights a week for the next 2 weeks.  I just wanted you to know that I am a fabulous actress.  I am usually given all of the lead roles and I am always cast first.  One of the skits I am in is called B-a-a-a-d Choice.  I play one of the sheep. Yep, I get to baaa and everything.  I know the Academy awards will be calling after this performance. (Are you laughing?)
  • Did you see American Idol?  I saw the last half hour or so.  I was able to see Brooke, the girl that sang Amazing Grace.  She was really good.  I predict, today, January 16, that she will be in the final 4.  I also saw the stalker guy.  Is he crazy?  And last but not least, I saw the Hairy….newly waxed guy dressed up like……who knows, but he needed some clothes on.  What was he thinking?   ON TV!
  • Another embarrassing moment for me this week.  My friend and I went to Sam’s to buy some food for a fellowship for Middle School kids.  She did not have a Sam’s card, so we went in on my card.  We got all of our food and proceeded to the Check Out line.  It was very busy as it was Saturday afternoon.  When the clerk rang up my order I told her to put the charge on my Sam’s card.  She then told me that it was declined.  I was real surprised and told her to try it again.  She did and once again, declined.  That really puzzled me because we pay all of our credit cards at the end of the month.  So, I knew it wasn’t for a lack of funds.  So, then I said to just put it on my MasterCard.  Again, DECLINED!  “What, you have got to be kidding.  I know for a fact that that card is perfectly fine.  Try again.”  DECLINED.  By this point everyone behind me is getting antsy and looking at me and thinking, “Poor girl.  She doesn’t have enough money to buy her groceries.”  Well that was the problem.  I did not want everyone to think that of me.  So, I say to the girl.  Something must be wrong with your machine because I know that card is good.”  I am sure the lady was thinking “Sure that is what they all say.”  So, thank goodness my friend was with me.  She had to charge it to her card.  Can you imagine if I was alone and had to leave my basket of food?  HOW EMBARRASSING!  We left and went down to Kroger to buy some Dr. Pepper which Sam’s did not have.  I used my same MasterCard and was approved!  Explain that one!

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