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Chicago Bound

I am leaving today for the Windy city on business.  I will try to update while I am gone but can’t make any promises.  I will return Tuesday Night.

Talk to everyone later.


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I have just little bits and pieces today.

  • Easter is this weekend and I still need to find shoes for the girls.  We have dresses and I took Hurricane A this past weekend to shop for shoes.  We did buy a pair but when we got home I realized they would not look good with her dress.  So I need to take both girls to buy some in the next couple of days.  My problem…where to buy cute shoes.  Hurricane A wears about a 1 but not many places carry children’s shoes.  Especially dress shoes, they are hard to find.  Drama Queen wears about a 3 which I believe is about a 5 in ladies shoes.  The problem there is finding shoes that are suitable for teens but don’t look too grown up.  Where do you find children’s and tweens shoes?
  • Drama Queen has another sinus infection.  She just got back from her Youth retreat and was not any better.  Hubby took her to the doctor and she has an infection.  We are trying a new antibiotic because she is absolutely unbearable when it comes to taking medicine.  First dose was okay, the ones to follow?  Well, we will see.
  • Tomorrow is Good Friday.  I know it will be unbelievable how slow it will be.  So many doctors are probably closing their offices tomorrow.  I hope we get off early as we have in the past.  Do you get Good Friday off?
  • We are still on lock-down here at work.  I have heard more unsettling things about this guy today.  Like when he had shooting practice with his gun, he used his bosses picture.  Deranged, I say!  He called the office this morning to talk with another guy he worked with in the back.  He told him that he had not told his wife that he had been fired and was just out driving around.  That makes me nervous because that is more time for things to go through his mind and make him mad and who knows what he could do.  So far, nothing has happened and I hope it doesn’t.  I am glad that my company has taken steps to protect us all.

That’s it for today.  Happy first day of spring.

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We are on lock-down

This world is truly becoming a very scary place.  People are CRAZY!  My office is now on official lock-down following an exchange of words between one of the guys in the warehouse and his boss where there were threats made to the boss.  The guy was asked to leave and then management told us to lock all entry doors and no one is allowed to exit the building through the back without letting management know about it.  The police are here now getting statements.

The other scary part is that this guy came back to our area earlier today and asked if we heard any yelling coming from back there.  The warehouse backs up to our wall and we can usually hear them when they raise their voices.  Luckily the girl that sits behind me and against that wall told him that no she didn’t and she did not need to know about it.  Thinking back we are glad she said that because we would not want him to know that she heard threats (she didn’t). People are also saying that he owns guns and that he keeps one in his car.

I just want to know what is happening to our world?  Why are people so angry and bitter?  Maybe the whole world DOES need to be on Prozac.  I’m just saying.

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