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This meme is for 6 guilty pleasures. Hmmm…….

1.  I love to read but once I get started in a book, NOTHING else gets done.  That’s why I try to limit how often I read.  My family suffers.

2.  I am addicted to Suduko.  Again nothing gets done so I have to limit this one to only at bedtime.

3.  Alone time.  This truly is a guilty pleasure because my husband makes me feel guilty when I want to close myself up in the bedroom and read, do suduko, watch TV etc ALONE. 

4.  Chocolate…enough said!

5.  Pajama pants from Old Navy.  The winter ones that are real soft.  I would wear those all day every day if I could get away with it.  I look forward to winter just so I can wear them.

6.  Can you believe that I can’t think of another one?

I don’t like to tag people with meme’s but please feel free to do this one if you like. 


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