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Today the kids went back to school after their Christmas break.  Is it just me or has this seemed like the longest break.  It almost seems like they have been off all summer.  I tried hard to get us back on a school routine this morning without too mush stress.  Last night before bed we laid out clothes for the day and got backpacks packed, ready and put by the back door.  This morning I gave them only 20 minutes to lay in bed and then I had them get up and get dressed, brush teeth, take medicine for Drama Queen and eat.  We were actually ready with 20 minutes to spare.  It was so nice.  They played with their Nintendo DS’s and I complimented them on the ease of the morning.  It actually starts your day off much better.  Why don’t we do this all the time?

The kids, especially Drama Queen have been battling this sinus mess.  Drama Queen has been to the doctor twice for it and is almost better.  She got sick around December 15 and is just now getting better.  This last time he gave us a prescription for a antibiotic to fill if this antihistamine did not help.  I went ahead and filled it and that is what I think has made her better.  The Dr had mentioned that they are not giving antibiotics as easily any more because more people are becoming immune to them and before long they will no longer work.  I am wondering if that is why it seems like so many people these days are sick and it is taking so long to get over it.  They need antibiotics but the Drs are not prescribing them as much.  What are your thoughts?

Food that I ate today:

2 granola bars, 16 pretzel sticks (wasn’t even worth the effort!), Smart One’s Lasagna (which came no where close to filling me up), WW Carrot cake, Fiber One granola bar and then I was invited to El Porton at the last minute for dinner.  I was doing  so good until then.  I had budgeted with just enough points for dinner.  I had a Chicken Quesadilla with Mexican rice.  Hopefully that was not too bad.  Shhh…I will tell you a secret if you don’t tell my husband.  After eating my Lasagna (that didn’t feel me up) I went to Wal-mart to get low calorie snacks.  I came out $16.00 later and that was literally just for snacks.  I got everything that I thought looked good.  Everyone at work was laughing at me.  I told them that hopefully it would last a couple of weeks.  I was not planning on eating it all in one day!

All in all I guess it was a pretty good day.  I already know that I am going to Tellini’s for lunch with the girls at work tomorrow.  So, I will have to budget my points hard tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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Sinus Cocktail

Coming up….one sinus cocktail for the lady in Room 3.  Complaint:  sneezing, itchy nose, congestion.  Diagnosis:  Sinus infection. 

Thursday I went to work but felt miserable.  I literally sneezed all day.  My co-workers were extremely glad to have me there that day.  I was a pretty sight to behold as well.  Picture this….face with no makeup from rubbing my nose and face off, red and raw nose from all the blowing with generic brand tissues (no lotion or aloe) and deep dark circles under my eyes.  I looked pretty rough.  People would even tell me that I looked like I didn’t feel good.  Gee, thanks.  So, I planned on just taking Friday off and staying in bed.  I sprayed my desk, phone and computer with Lysol before I left for good measure.  When I got home I just laid around on the couch. That is really the only time I felt better.  When I lay down flat then I don’t sneeze.  Weird isn’t it?

Friday I slept in until about 9:30.  I decided to call and see if the Dr. would call me in an antibiotic.  I was positive that I had a sinus infection.  My teeth and gums had hurt all night long.  Sure sign if you ask me.  The nurse calls back and said they could not call anything in without seeing me.  So, I go and pay an office visit to be told that I have a sinus infection.  I guess the only upside to the visit is that in addition to the medicine I got a sinus cocktail shot.  Those things are amazing.  By that night I was feeling so much better.  Today I woke up and you seriously can not even tell I was sick!  They ought to bottle those up and sell them over the counter.

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