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What month is it again?

January…right.  The past couple of days have been in the 60’s and 70’s.  You would think it was April.  It is unseasonably warm which tends to happen around here occasionally in December or January.  It is also tornado season as a result.  Today was the day and thank goodness we were spared the tornadoes but we did have severe thunderstorms.  It was also extremely windy.  When I went out for lunch today, we saw a stop sign that was all but nearly turning in circles in the wind.  Now a cold front is coming through and it is going down to the mid 40’s tonight.  It is no wonder everyone is getting sick.

Now on to the “what did you eat today” section of the post.  I did very well today if I say so myself. (pats self on back)

Granola bar for breakfast

Spaghetti with Marinara sauce and 2 rolls for lunch

Granola bar for snack

Froot Loops for dinner

Yes, I had Froot Loops for dinner.  SoGent went to a basketball game tonight so me and the girls had what we cal “fend for yourself” night.  Since I ate my big meal at lunch, I wanted to eat light.  I finished at just the right amount of points.  Tomorrow I will do a weigh in and see how I am doing.  Cross your fingers.

Does anyone have any good weight watcher recipes?  Please share.


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